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Why Work With a Home Automation Company?

Just like Electrical and Plumbing, Smart Home Integration Takes a Pro

Why Work With a Home Automation Company?

Today’s homebuyers and homeowners are increasingly interested in integrating smart features in their next home. A recent study by CEPro, a magazine for professional integrators, showed that the knowledge and interest in smart home technology have increased dramatically in the past five years. Much of this is in no small part due to the popularity of smart consumer products like the Nest thermostat, Ring video doorbell, and the Amazon Echo speaker with Alexa.

If you are an architect, builder, or designer, you are likely familiar with smart home tech and understand that your clients are interested in it. But you are an expert in your field and are not expected to follow a rapidly changing space like smart home automation closely. You might lay out an electrical plan for a project, but an electrical contractor is typically the one who will work the details and install it.

Smart home control and automation are much the same. Your client may want certain intelligent features, and you can incorporate them into your plans. But when it comes time to lay the groundwork for the smart features, you want a professional to specify the system and manage that part of the project – just like the electrician has to wire the house at the right state of construction.

Of course, you don't have to become a guru in smart home technology. At Sound Effects, we are your local expert home automation company right here in Mesa, Arizona. Just like with other specialists, let’s explore the benefits of bringing us in early into your next remodel, redesign, or new construction project.

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Smart Technology Requires Planning, Like the Rest of the Project

Interior designers and architects typically do electrical plans that take into account not only general needs but specific touches that clients want. It may be custom lighting sconces on walls, or additional electrical outlets in the middle of the floor in a room to accommodate lamps away from walls. When it comes to smart home features, the same requirements apply. If the client wants a ceiling-mounted projector and a drop-down screen in a multipurpose media room, you want the power and space requirements specified for those in your plans – so it gets built in just the same precise way that you design and fit custom cabinetry.

Builders and designers are familiar with low-voltage wiring for a variety of home systems like security. But the technology in security, automation, and entertainment is moving quickly, and the right combination of wired and wireless connections are essential for today’s smart and connected home. Professional smart home automation companies like Sound Effects map out all the requirements, like central wiring closets for communications, security, networking, and automation hubs and controllers. If whole home audio is an option, it’s easy and inexpensive to prewire all the locations after framing and electrical wiring. If the client is interested in security cameras and video monitoring, it’s much easier to run wire to all the right places – in the early stage of construction. The earlier we are introduced to a project, the better partner we can be to ensure your project can incorporate all the client’s needs regarding entertainment, automation, and security – and even include infrastructure to include future options.

Making The Process Easier

When we start a project, we listen to the client’s desires and questions. The client may not want every option available with home technology at first for either budget or other reasons, but we can plan for features they might want to add in the future. Examples of this might include installing acoustic treatment for an extra room which could become a home theater or media space at a future date or prewiring for a later installation of lighting control for the property. Clients do change their minds during construction, so the more flexible the plan is in incorporating technology, the less rework and cost that will be incurred.

Let’s take a specific example – perhaps a client wants whole home audio with invisible speakers. These are a special category of built-in speaker that sits flush with the wall and can be finished with the same texture as the wall for a seamless appearance. If we get to install these at the right time before the finish stage, any expensive custom finish is applied at the same time as everything else, resulting in the best appearance without compromise.

To learn more about how working with a home automation company can enhance your projects in Mesa, reach out to us today, or just click below to quickly connect with one of our smart home experts.