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What You Need to Know About a Video Surveillance System

Choose the Right Solution for Your Business

What You Need to Know About a Video Surveillance System

Whether you’re just starting out or taking your Chandler, AZ, business to the next level, you’ve probably considered upgrading your business security system. A great place to start is with a video surveillance system that helps you keep an eye on things throughout the day and night. Of course, if you've done any research on the topic, you may realize there are lots of different options available. It can get complicated -- but this blog will simplify some of those details. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about smart surveillance.

What Can Cameras Do?

When you think of a surveillance system, you probably think of grainy, black and white footage and big, blocky cameras mounted high on the wall. However, modern systems aren’t limited to old-fashioned devices and poor-quality footage. Today, you can see your whole business in full 4K with discreetly placed components.

Of course, the resolution and visibility of your system will depend on your needs. Many security experts suggest visible components as they’re more likely to deter criminal activity. Plus, you’ll have to consider how you’ll store the content. Higher resolutions like 4K require considerably more storage capacity to hold the same amount of footage.

Modern cameras are capable of more than just higher resolutions. Some offer 360-degree viewing angles, night vision, and remote pan/tilt/zoom capabilities. Many can withstand extreme weather temperatures and are tamper resistant.

The best way to determine which camera is right for you is by working with a certified professional installer.

Types of Systems

Knowing the differences between systems is essential to finding a solution that fits your needs. Here, we’ll break down some basic terms you need to know.

Security Camera: Technically speaking, a security camera is any camera used for security purposes, whether it's part of a full surveillance system or a standalone solution. However, in most cases, the term refers to standalone, IP cameras that can stream real-time footage to your smartphone or tablet. They're not meant to record and store video. "Smart" security cameras can integrate with other devices in your automation system to make security more manageable.

Surveillance System: A surveillance system is a wired or wireless network of devices used to record and store hours of footage. They're typically found in larger businesses and warehouses and are designed to facilitate after-the-fact support. Storage is the most essential part of a surveillance system, and users can enjoy onsite, offsite, and cloud-based storage solutions to hold all their content.

CCTV: Closed circuit television is a close cousin of a surveillance system. CCTV has been around for much longer than “smart” technology. Comprised of a network of hardwired cameras linked to a TV monitor display, CCTV presents some advantages in an increasingly digital world. For instance, thanks to their analog nature, CCTV systems are hard to hack. On the other hand, most cameras will only offer up to 720p resolution.

There’s still a lot more to learn about smart surveillance systems. Click here to get started.