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Update Your Restaurant's Audio Video Installation

Elevate Your Customer Experience with Modern AV technology

Update Your Restaurant's Audio Video Installation

If you own a restaurant or a bar in Scottsdale, you know just how competitive the market is. Scottsdale is an upscale area and patrons can be selective and finicky. Today’s hot restaurant concept may be tomorrow’s also-ran. With the cost of opening a new establishment averaging $250,000 and only going up from there, achieving a measure of longevity is critical to garnering a return on your investment.

Many moving parts contribute to a successful establishment. Don’t overlook how a modern audio-video technology installation can help differentiate your Scottsdale restaurant and elevate your patrons’ experience.

Read on for three ideas that are sure to please customers and ultimately deliver a positive effect to your bottom line, too.


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Set the Ambiance With Music

Music is universally known as a way to create a mood. Many places install speakers and play music, but the quality of the audio matters as well as having the right volume and clarity so that it can be heard and be part of the overall experience – but not overwhelm it.

If you have a bar area that is distinctly separate from the dining room, you can vary the mood in each space. If you are looking to create a lively bar scene – perhaps attracting patrons with a late reverse happy hour – the music tempo can be upbeat and louder, while the dining area remains more relaxed.

How do you do it? One recommended choice comes from our partner Control4. Control4 has a full array of equipment, from streaming music controllers to audio switches, amplifiers, and speakers with multiple zones to manage small to large spaces. And to efficiently manage a distributed audio system Control4 offers a variety of options, from traditional hard-button remotes to dedicated touchscreens to apps on smartphones and tablets.

Add Another Dimension With Video

It’s very common for a bar area to have a TV. It’s great entertainment for people waiting for friends at the bar, or perhaps they are dining solo. But multiple TVs can make a bar a destination and can be an especially attractive feature for solo patrons. If it’s football season, a variety of games can provide hours of entertainment and better sales in the bar. The same idea extends to baseball, basketball, and hockey, especially at playoff time.

With all the interest in politics and news, having multiple feeds from all the different cable news channels could be another interesting theme, especially during election season or during other high news periods. A multi-screen, multi-source setup can create many options for attracting patrons with different content at different times of the day.

Control4 offers a full array of video distribution systems as well. With their easy to use automation, Control4 systems are also remarkably easy to operate. If a customer wants a TV tuned to a different source, any server could access the intuitive interface to direct a particular channel to a TV. Control4 can work with cable and satellite sources as well as the latest streaming devices, making it simple to have a great variety of content sources instantly accessible.

Use Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are becoming increasingly popular in some restaurant concepts. They are ideal for displaying changing menu items and prices, especially for establishments where you order at the counter. It limits the need for many paper menus and lets you make changes easy, especially to inform customers when a menu item becomes unavailable.

But even for sit-down establishments and bars, digital menu boards can advertise special offers and even flash sales. If your bar wanted to feature a limited time drink or appetizer, it could be featured on one of the bar screens. No need to print a specials menu or even have your staff go into a detailed description; it can be done on the screen with imagery as well. With digital technology, the options are limited only by your imagination.

Ultimately you want your customers to return again and again. A stable and steady clientele is the key to any restaurant’s success. With the right audio and video installation, you can add one more dimension to your place’s fine food and ambiance to keep them coming back.

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