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Remodeling? Let’s Explore Essential Smart Home Upgrades.

You’ve found the perfect time to install smart home control and similar systems that require extra time, wiring or materials.

Remodeling? Let’s Explore Essential Smart Home Upgrades.

Remodeling your home is a hectic, time-intensive, expensive endeavor, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t present opportunities for positive change. After all, change is what you’re after when you make major alterations to your home, so you might as well take advantage of this chance you’ve been given.

With that in mind, a remodel is the perfect time to install home automation systems, particularly anything that requires access to your walls. Here are some devices you can add to your smart home control system that will make your Paradise Valley, AZ, home more comfortable, safe and inviting.

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Speakers and TV screens require lots of space in a room and are not the most visually appealing elements. You can solve this problem by hiding your equipment.

You can mount your speakers in the walls or ceiling, and you can store your TV in specially designed furniture or behind a wall panel until it’s ready for use. Another option is to install a TV that looks like a mirror or a piece of artwork until you turn it on.

Disguising your speakers and display improves your interior design while minimizing clutter. If you haven’t set up a whole home audio-video system, a remodel is the perfect time to expand your system to additional rooms.


Imagine being able to manage the temperature, lights, shades and more throughout your home from one device. Smart technology can help make this a reality by synthesizing control of these disparate systems under one interface.

Everything gets easier once you can control everything from one remote or keypad instead of needing multiple devices. You can also create scenes that combine multiple systems and action into one command, making your life even more efficient. For instance, an “away” scene could lock your doors and windows, lower the shades and set the temperature when you leave for work, all with one command. A “wake up” scene could boost the cool tones in your human-centric lighting, turn off fans and play some stimulating music – the perfect way to start your day.


Several security solutions are much easier to install when you’re renovating your home. Motion sensors, smart doorbells, alarms, outdoor and indoor surveillance cameras, and other devices can all give you greater peace of mind.

Even better, we can link all these tools together for increased versatility. A smart doorbell lets you see who’s at the front door no matter where you are in the home, while motion sensors and cameras can send alerts to your phone in an emergency. Just make sure your home network is up to the task.


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