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Master Your Home Theater System

Control4 Makes It Easy

Master Your Home Theater System

How many remote controls do you have for your home theater?  Do you have an AV receiver?  Does your TV have multiple devices like a cable box, Blu-ray player, and a Roku?  Or do you have them connected to your AV receiver?  Do you have some devices connected to the TV and some connected to the AV receiver?  Do you find it hard to switch back to watching TV after viewing a show from another source?

So many questions, and so many remotes.  The truth is you may not find it all that hard to manage three remote controls for sitting down to watch a movie, but other people in your family may find it confusing.  Some of the confusion may depend on your equipment and how it is set up. Your video signal may be routed to a TV, and the sound gets routed separately through an AV receiver or some other sound system.  It can get quite confusing to change sources, and different sound modes that are optimized for movies or  TV only add to the complexity. 

Take it a step further, and things can get confusing for anyone.  What if you have converted a room in your Mesa home to house your home theater system, creating a wonderful entertainment escape from hot summer weekends and chilly winter nights in Arizona?  You may have a large flat panel TV for watching sports and use a projector for screening movies.  You have a multichannel sound system, and perhaps a cable box, streaming player, the latest 4K Blu-ray player, and a PS4 or Xbox One gaming console.  And you have lights that you want to adjust to the right level depending on the activity.  How many ways do you want to control all that? 

A Control4 solution can help tame your home theater system, managing every piece of AV equipment, as well as things like lights, shades, and temperature.  Read on for a simpler way.


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One-Touch Control

If you have a home theater, you want to enjoy the entertainment experience and not be fussing over how to get everything to work.  Moreover, you want it to be simple enough for anyone to master, including your kids.  A Control4 automation solution is the answer.  With one button press on a remote, you could have a complete scene unfold.  For a movie, the lights will dim, the projector screen can drop from the ceiling, the Blu-ray player starts up, and the sound system has all the right inputs, volume, and audio setting set correctly.  No fumbling for different remotes, and you don’t even have to get up for the lights.

Do you need to pause the show?  A Control4 system can bring up the lights automatically when you hit pause if you need to get up for a drink or a break. Do you like your home theater cooler or warmer?  With a smart thermostat, Control4 can also set just the right temperature while the room is in use, and turn it back to an economical setting when you’re done.;



Your Remote of Choice

One of the best parts about Control4 automation is the choice of remote controls.  If you are a touch screen type of person, the Control4 Touch Screen might just be your cup of tea.  It can control home theater functions but also serve as a control for lighting, temperature, and even viewing who’s at the door through a video doorbell camera.  If you like more traditional remotes with the tactile feel of buttons, handheld remote like the Control4 SR-260 provides the convenience of no-look buttons for volume and playback controls with customized buttons for lights, scenes, and other equipment. 

If your favorite remote control is the device that’s always with you – your smartphone – the Control4 app makes it easy to manage your home theater that way as well.  If you have a theater room that includes a bar or food area, you could also have a wall-mounted touchscreen for even more convenience.  Each of the remotes can be customized for precise control of your theater, just the way you want it. 

Simplify your home theater or media room with an elegant Control4 solution. Contact us today, or just click below to connect to one of our automation experts quickly.