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Live Green This Spring with Home Energy Management

Your Guide to Smart Energy Trends in 2019

Live Green This Spring with Home Energy Management

Living green and resourcefully can feel like an uphill battle. Many of us try to recycle and bring reusable bags to the store. But oftentimes, the challenge seems impossible, especially after reading statistics that despite many of our efforts, 91% of plastics aren’t recycled.

But as technology evolves, so do our ways of living. If you want to make your Scottsdale, AZ-area home energy efficient, or reduce your energy bills each month, there’s a ‘smart’ way to do it. Keep reading to discover home energy management technology to adopt for a more efficient lifestyle.  

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Climate Control

Life in Arizona during spring and summer requires air conditioning and lots of it. You’ll want a comfortable temperature in every room, but AC uses a substantial amount of energy during warmer months. With a smart thermostat, you can personalize comfort settings to activate on a schedule, so you’ll never forget to turn off the AC while you’re at work. If you do forget, adjust the temperature from any location on your touch screen, or by voice command as you walk out the door.

Energy Management

With an integration system like Control4, you can connect your new smart thermostat to the rest of your technology, managing all energy use collectively. Press “Good Night” on your smartphone and your motorized shades will automatically lower as the AC adjusts to a comfortable sleep temperature. You can integrate your existing HVAC, forced air, and geothermal settings into Control4, where you’ll review energy use from your tablet or phone. With this information, you’ll know when you use energy the most often and subsequently make informed decisions.  

Smart Lighting & Sensors

Another energy-wasting culprit is your lighting system. Maybe you like to leave exterior lights shining on your house all night for added security, but accidentally leave them on until nine in the morning. Or while the family is home, every room in the house is lit, even when spaces are not in use. With smart lighting sensors, the lamps and bulbs in your house will turn off after periods of inactivity. You can conveniently preset when lights should turn on and off, adjusted to your daily activities and work schedule. Control4 manages lighting in the same system as energy and temperature, so overseeing your technology will be hassle-free.  

To learn more about home energy management and Control4 systems, contact Sound Effects at 408-503-3400, fill out our online form, or message customer support below. We can’t wait to help you and your Arizona home!