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Have a Home Remodeling Project?

Modernize Your House With These Smart Home Upgrades

Have a Home Remodeling  Project?

As a homeowner or builder, if you are embarking on a remodel you likely have several objectives.  Depending on the scope of the projects, you may be changing the layout and flow.  Perhaps you are updating tired kitchens and bathroom, which add the most value and function.  Maybe you are doing a major project where almost every aspect of the home is revamped, inside and out. 

Regardless of the size of the project, any time you are moving walls, changing trim, upgrading electrical wiring, or replacing cabinets and plumbing, there is a perfect opportunity to install smart home technology.

Nothing updates a home more than installing current home automation capabilities. In a recent survey by Houzz, 45% of renovating homeowners are investing in smart home control features.

With that in mind, if you are planning a renovation or remodel in Paradise Valley, now is the time to consider these smart upgrades.

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Whole Home Audio

Do you want high-quality audio in every room – maybe outside too – without a lot of equipment visible?  Remodeling offers the perfect opportunity to run those wires to walls and ceilings to install architectural speakers, as well as customize a closet or cabinet to house the electronics.  Speakers from partners like Origin Acoustics sit flush with walls and ceilings and can be matched to the interior finishes.  A Control4 (our smart home control partner) music distribution system can stream multiple sources of music to one room or many, with simplified control from wall mounted keypads or a wireless touchscreen controller.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat can intelligently control interior climate and be easily managed remotely from inside and outside the home.  Adding temperature and humidity sensors can increase the home’s comfort and energy efficiency.  Consider running hard wiring to the optimal locations to precisely monitor the interior environment.  With sensors, you can now relocate that thermostat to a  convenient but unobtrusive location, since remote sensors can do the monitoring – no need to mount it in a central hallway. 

Home Security Cameras

Security cameras are a convenient way for your client to monitor their home while at home and away.  Consider wiring for a video doorbell like the Control4 Door Station, which combines video and an audio intercom which ties into the home automation system. Also look to run the necessary wiring for a camera at the entry to a driveway, outside vantage points for the yard, and strategic indoor locations.  Many of today’s modern cameras can use a single low voltage cable for power and communication, so the remodel presents a perfect time to run wire everywhere you might want a camera, inside and out.  

Smart Sensors

There are many intelligent sensors available today that aid with home monitoring and security.  A renovation makes it easy to identify the optimal places for motion sensors, water intrusion sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, and more. You can replace older equipment with today’s smarter sensors that are continuously monitored by a home automation system and can report any issues immediately to the homeowner. 

Lighting Control

Lighting is a typical item to modernize in a renovation, for both form and function.  Consider upgrading to LED lights and a lighting control system.  Smart lighting can add convenience, security, and flair to your clients’ home. Lighting scenes can be customized for entertaining, bedtime, cooking, and anything else that a homeowner might desire.  A smart design touch is to incorporate wireless keypads or touchscreens that can be located where they would be most convenient, combining intelligent control over groups of lights as well as convenient in-room controls for other functions, like a whole home audio system.

The earlier you plan out what smart features you want, the easier and less expensive it is to integrate into your project.  Reach out to our team today; we would love to show you all the possibilities to turn your home in to a smart home.