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Automation Makes for Better Business

How Commercial Audio Video Systems Boost the Bottom Line

Automation Makes for Better Business

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to serve customers better, make your operations more efficient, and grow the bottom line.  But if you are running a service business, there aren’t always machines to automate what your people do.  You may think about software to manage financial and accounting information and other areas but perhaps are not familiar with the ways other aspects of automation can help your company.

If you employ any audio and video technology in your company for entertainment or collaboration purposes, you may be missing out on some opportunities to make that technology add additional value to your business, both in increased efficiency and as ways to provide your clients and customers a better experience. 

If you are running restaurant or bar, a medical or service office, or a professional workspace in Scottsdale, our commercial audio-video partner Control4 has cost-effective automation solutions to enable better customer experiences and save your staff and employees valuable time and energy. 

Let’s look at a few examples.


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Bars and Restaurants

Do you have a TV at your bar or the restaurant bar? Of course, it’s very common.  But with automation, you could have a more engaging entertainment experience in your establishment.  You could have an array of TVs at your bar area to cover multiple college and professional football games from Friday night to Sundays.  From one remote – which could be a tablet or smartphone – you can control what source appears on a specific TV.  It can also be automated, to switch from sports to news or anything else.  You can also have just video on TVs for patrons to keep tabs on games, and have music piped through speakers simultaneously to enable better conversation. 

If you install speakers throughout your restaurant, you can set the right ambiance and mood for any time of day.  Have more upbeat music for lunchtime patrons, and more relaxing tunes for dinner.  Have different background music in the bar and restaurant areas.  If your bar has a dance floor, a Control4 music distribution system can feed a high output audio setup.  If you integrate with Control4 lighting and climate control, those functions also assist in creating the right ambiance.

When it’s time to close up, a customized scene can shut off all AV systems, leave specific lights on for safety, arm a security system, and turn on surveillance cameras. 


Medical Offices

AV entertainment can provide a more relaxing experience for patients waiting for and in procedures.  Multiple TVs in a large waiting area can cater to adults and kids.  Relaxing background music can be played for subtle mood enhancement.  In a dental office, giving a patient the option to watch a show while having a procedure done takes away the focus from a potentially unpleasant experience. 

Since your employees are not AV experts, a Control4 system can be programmed with scenes for any situation, controlling lighting, AV, and climate to suit any time of day or situation you would want.  If you want to give patients the ability to change content sources, that can be easily accomplished too – it’s one more small way to show you care about their experience. 


Conference and Meeting Rooms

If you run a professional office of any type, you often need to get people together in person for meetings.  Whether it’s for internal meetings or clients, the ability to share and convey information easily is critical. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure out how to get a presentation from a computer or device onto a meeting room screen or when a video won’t play or the audio doesn’t work. 

With a Control4 audio-video system, these things can be simplified so that anyone can walk into the meeting room and intuitively know how to use it.  Make it easy for employees and visitors to connect their device wired or wirelessly, control lights and audio, and even control motorized shades if necessary to quickly create the optimal environment for collaboration and communication. 


Are you ready to explore how Control4 commercial audio-video solutions can enhance your Scottsdale business?  Reach out to our team today; we would love to show you all the options.