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Automate Your Conference Rooms for Productive Meetings

Make Meetings Enjoyable in With State of the Art Comfort and Control

Automate Your Conference Rooms for Productive Meetings

Have you ever attended a meeting where any or all of these things have happened:

  • The presenter brought a laptop and is fumbling trying to get their presentation on the screen

  • The presenter found a cable to connect to for the projector, but can’t find a button or remote to lower the screen

  • The lights are too bright to view a presentation. The presenter turns the lights off, but it’s too dark, so attendees are nodding off

  • The conference room has windows, but the shades are hard to reach and close. Sun is streaming in and creating heat and glare.

  • The conference room is too cold, and the thermostat is locked behind a key – or there isn’t one in the room. Everyone’s attention is on keeping warm, and not the meeting.

  • The conference room is too warm, and people are falling asleep in a presentation. Or they step out to get away from the stuffiness.

When you get people together for a meeting, it represents a significant investment in time, and ultimately money. If the session is with people outside the organization, perhaps for a sales presentation, you don't want these issues to detract from the business at hand.

There is a solution to controlling and taming the conference room. Much like a gaggle of remote controls on a coffee table is not a great way to get a movie going on your home theater, cryptic buttons and controls are no way to manage your conference room technology. When you get in the room, you want to get the meeting going swiftly. Making sure you can get the tech working correctly is paramount. One way to get your Phoenix meeting spaces under control is with conference room automation solutions from our partner Control4.

Let’s look at some ways Control4 can turn your meeting spaces into productive environments.

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Managing the Presentation

If you have a conference room with different presentation equipment, you want to make it intuitively easy for users to access what they need. A touchscreen controller can unify disparate controls for a variety of things. Perhaps there is a flat panel display for smaller gatherings and a projector as well. There may be a motorized screen that drops down from the ceiling. There may be different audio and video configurations for a straight presentation, an audio conference, or a videoconference.

A Control4 Touch Screen can serve as a central control point for all the AV capabilities. One touch on the clearly labeled button can bring down the projector screen and turn it on. Controls for dialing a phone call can be integrated into the touchscreen rather than the speakerphone. Multiple video and audio inputs can be centralized and quickly switched. Lights can be set to dim automatically when using a projector. If there are automated shades in a windowed room, they can also be drawn when the projector comes on.

Managing the Light

Depending on your room, there may be different sets of lights. Some are turned on for full brightness, some are dimmable, and some may be there to highlight a podium. Regardless of how complex, they can all be centralized in a Control4 system. If the room had windows, automated shades could be controlled in conjunction with lights. For even more automation, light sensors can trigger the automation system to lower shades when the level of light is causing glare.

Not only can you centralize light control, you can also automate it according to your needs. If the room isn't being used, the lights can automatically shut off. Different light settings can be set as scenes for a presentation or video conference. If the meeting is just a less formal lunch, one button can set that scene too.

Managing Audio and Video

Make it easy to turn different things on and off. Perhaps you have several microphones in the room, at the table, and in a presenter podium. You can have clearly marked buttons to mute specific microphones or all of them – avoiding awkward interactions when something was said into a microphone that was supposed to be muted. Similarly, cameras for video conferences can be controlled individually, leaving audio on if so desired. A Control4 system works with dozens of conference room camera and microphone systems, coordinating across them but also offering discrete control.

Managing Comfort

No one enjoys a meeting where the temperature is at an uncomfortable point, hot or cold. With smart thermostats, you can have control over your building energy usage and still give people control over the environment in a meeting room. The central controller can adjust temperature temporarily, and the overall automation system can otherwise control the whole building HVAC. Similarly, motorized shades can be locally controlled but otherwise managed by other automation when the room is unoccupied.

Are you ready to explore how Control4 conference room automation can enhance your Phoenix meeting spaces? Reach out to our team today; we look forward to working with you.