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Remodeling? Let’s Explore Essential Smart Home Upgrades.

You’ve found the perfect time to install smart home control and similar systems that require extra time, wiring or materials.

Remodeling? Let’s Explore Essential Smart Home Upgrades.

Remodeling your home is a hectic, time-intensive, expensive endeavor, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t present opportunities for positive change. After all, change is what you’re after when you make major alterations to your home, so you might as well take advantage of this chance you’ve been given.

With that in mind, a remodel is the perfect time to install home automation systems, particularly anything that requires access to your walls. Here are some devices you can add to your smart home control system that will make your Paradise Valley, AZ, home more comfortable, safe and inviting.

Have a Home Remodeling Project?

Modernize Your House With These Smart Home Upgrades

Have a Home Remodeling  Project?

As a homeowner or builder, if you are embarking on a remodel you likely have several objectives.  Depending on the scope of the projects, you may be changing the layout and flow.  Perhaps you are updating tired kitchens and bathroom, which add the most value and function.  Maybe you are doing a major project where almost every aspect of the home is revamped, inside and out. 

Regardless of the size of the project, any time you are moving walls, changing trim, upgrading electrical wiring, or replacing cabinets and plumbing, there is a perfect opportunity to install smart home technology.

Nothing updates a home more than installing current home automation capabilities. In a recent survey by Houzz, 45% of renovating homeowners are investing in smart home control features.

With that in mind, if you are planning a renovation or remodel in Paradise Valley, now is the time to consider these smart upgrades.

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