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Automate Your Conference Rooms for Productive Meetings

Make Meetings Enjoyable in With State of the Art Comfort and Control

Automate Your Conference Rooms for Productive Meetings

Have you ever attended a meeting where any or all of these things have happened:

  • The presenter brought a laptop and is fumbling trying to get their presentation on the screen

  • The presenter found a cable to connect to for the projector, but can’t find a button or remote to lower the screen

  • The lights are too bright to view a presentation. The presenter turns the lights off, but it’s too dark, so attendees are nodding off

  • The conference room has windows, but the shades are hard to reach and close. Sun is streaming in and creating heat and glare.

  • The conference room is too cold, and the thermostat is locked behind a key – or there isn’t one in the room. Everyone’s attention is on keeping warm, and not the meeting.

  • The conference room is too warm, and people are falling asleep in a presentation. Or they step out to get away from the stuffiness.

When you get people together for a meeting, it represents a significant investment in time, and ultimately money. If the session is with people outside the organization, perhaps for a sales presentation, you don't want these issues to detract from the business at hand.

There is a solution to controlling and taming the conference room. Much like a gaggle of remote controls on a coffee table is not a great way to get a movie going on your home theater, cryptic buttons and controls are no way to manage your conference room technology. When you get in the room, you want to get the meeting going swiftly. Making sure you can get the tech working correctly is paramount. One way to get your Phoenix meeting spaces under control is with conference room automation solutions from our partner Control4.

Let’s look at some ways Control4 can turn your meeting spaces into productive environments.

Is It Time For a Home Network Upgrade?

3 Ways To Spot Networking Problems

Is It Time For a Home Network Upgrade?

Almost every home is dependent on a robust network to operate normally. Internet access is required for many devices to work and to do day-to-day activities. If you’re browsing the web, connecting to your work email, checking on your Facebook feed, or watching a show on Netflix, all those things require reliable connectivity to work. When that connection doesn’t work correctly, your frustration mounts quickly.

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out if your issues are network-related or if the software or hardware in your device is responsible. Occasionally a problem is just a temporary glitch or a slowdown in your Internet service. Sometimes you just need to restart the app, the browser, or a video to fix a problem.

Then again, if you are experiencing the performance issues we mentioned regularly, your network may be the common thread across them. How can you tell if your home network installation is the culprit? Let’s explore three ways you can narrow down the possibilities in your Paradise Valley home.

Update Your Restaurant's Audio Video Installation

Elevate Your Customer Experience with Modern AV technology

Update Your Restaurant's Audio Video Installation

If you own a restaurant or a bar in Scottsdale, you know just how competitive the market is. Scottsdale is an upscale area and patrons can be selective and finicky. Today’s hot restaurant concept may be tomorrow’s also-ran. With the cost of opening a new establishment averaging $250,000 and only going up from there, achieving a measure of longevity is critical to garnering a return on your investment.

Many moving parts contribute to a successful establishment. Don’t overlook how a modern audio-video technology installation can help differentiate your Scottsdale restaurant and elevate your patrons’ experience.

Read on for three ideas that are sure to please customers and ultimately deliver a positive effect to your bottom line, too.

Master Your Home Theater System

Control4 Makes It Easy

Master Your Home Theater System

How many remote controls do you have for your home theater?  Do you have an AV receiver?  Does your TV have multiple devices like a cable box, Blu-ray player, and a Roku?  Or do you have them connected to your AV receiver?  Do you have some devices connected to the TV and some connected to the AV receiver?  Do you find it hard to switch back to watching TV after viewing a show from another source?

So many questions, and so many remotes.  The truth is you may not find it all that hard to manage three remote controls for sitting down to watch a movie, but other people in your family may find it confusing.  Some of the confusion may depend on your equipment and how it is set up. Your video signal may be routed to a TV, and the sound gets routed separately through an AV receiver or some other sound system.  It can get quite confusing to change sources, and different sound modes that are optimized for movies or  TV only add to the complexity. 

Take it a step further, and things can get confusing for anyone.  What if you have converted a room in your Mesa home to house your home theater system, creating a wonderful entertainment escape from hot summer weekends and chilly winter nights in Arizona?  You may have a large flat panel TV for watching sports and use a projector for screening movies.  You have a multichannel sound system, and perhaps a cable box, streaming player, the latest 4K Blu-ray player, and a PS4 or Xbox One gaming console.  And you have lights that you want to adjust to the right level depending on the activity.  How many ways do you want to control all that? 

A Control4 solution can help tame your home theater system, managing every piece of AV equipment, as well as things like lights, shades, and temperature.  Read on for a simpler way.