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Spotlight on Conference Room Lighting Systems

Lighting control creates a more productive, efficient and attractive workspace

Spotlight on Conference Room Lighting Systems

It’s difficult to overstate the impact your lights have on your business. Your lighting design affects how well your employees can do their jobs, sets the mood throughout your office and impacts your utility costs.

These issues are particularly important when it comes to your conference room design. You need a space in your Chandler, AZ, office that’s well lit, can dim when necessary for presentations and gives off a sense of style when you’re meeting with clients or other guests. The best way to achieve these goals is to install automated lighting control, and today we’ll walk you through all the benefits these systems have to offer.

What You Need to Know About a Video Surveillance System

Choose the Right Solution for Your Business

What You Need to Know About a Video Surveillance System

Whether you’re just starting out or taking your Chandler, AZ, business to the next level, you’ve probably considered upgrading your business security system. A great place to start is with a video surveillance system that helps you keep an eye on things throughout the day and night. Of course, if you've done any research on the topic, you may realize there are lots of different options available. It can get complicated -- but this blog will simplify some of those details. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about smart surveillance.

Live Green This Spring with Home Energy Management

Your Guide to Smart Energy Trends in 2019

Live Green This Spring with Home Energy Management

Living green and resourcefully can feel like an uphill battle. Many of us try to recycle and bring reusable bags to the store. But oftentimes, the challenge seems impossible, especially after reading statistics that despite many of our efforts, 91% of plastics aren’t recycled.

But as technology evolves, so do our ways of living. If you want to make your Scottsdale, AZ-area home energy efficient, or reduce your energy bills each month, there’s a ‘smart’ way to do it. Keep reading to discover home energy management technology to adopt for a more efficient lifestyle.  

How Do You Choose the Right Home Automation Company for Your Project?

Ask These 5 Key Questions For A Better Result On Your Next Project In Mesa, AZ

How Do You Choose the Right Home Automation Company for Your Project?

Is 2019 the year that you have decided you want to add smart technology to your home? You may already own some devices like a Nest or Ecobee thermostat or a Google Home speaker. You have a myriad of options when it comes to smart home automation, but you want a solution that works in unison and doesn’t demand much attention to just work.

For example, when the hot Arizona weather starts ramping up soon, you want motorized shades that will lower automatically when the sun is hitting that side of the house. You want not only that, but also your lights and climate control to adjust automatically to the changing sun, so your home stays comfortable and energy efficient. And when you arrive home in the evening, the right scene is set for you – with lights and temperature according to your preferences and perhaps even a welcoming music playlist.

Home automation can get complicated, especially when you want several systems to trigger each other and work in concert. Making everything work together – consistently – requires careful planning, rational technology choices, and technical expertise in programming and installation. Beyond some simple, non-critical automation, you want an experienced home automation company that can handle design, installation, and after-sale service.

You might be asking at this point – O.K., how do I choose one? Read on to learn five critical questions you should ask when selecting a home automation company to integrate smart technology in your Mesa home.